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How to Make the Most of Your Base 1 Training Block: Key Elements and Strategies

The first base training block can be preceded by a Transision Block or a Recovery Block.

The Base 1 Block focussed first and foremost on Endurance. Speed skill is also introduced but should be short and not interfere with Endurance recovery. Due to the high focus on Endurance, pace and intensity will be very low for most of the trianing. A split of low to hugh intensity work can be 90+ /10-.

Throughout the block the athletes shudl build up a fatigue score, but generally form should be less than 0 but not drop below -20.

Approach to to training should be to get in as much volume as is sustainably possible. New athletes should not exceed their normal highest volume or longest distance by more than 10% per week. If done correct the rest week will result in a form score of between 5 and -5.

Accessive vert or climbing and force should be avoided as these will inhibihit pure Aerobic endurance capacity development. Thus rolling or flat surface running are advised. This can be hard for runners use to high intensity or mountainous terrain. Going slow in the mountains is not ideal as we are also looking for steady and constant long-duration efforts.

During this phase the body is non-descriminate, meaning the lungs and heart don't care if you run, bike or swim. We do however want some time spent running to strengthen bones ligaments and muscles to some degree.

It is really important to increase volume and stay at a very low heartrate during this phase. Be consistant and train as often as possible. remember here it is not distance or speed that matters, but the total accumulated time spent at a low intensity.

If you have a ny question please asks us on the Forum.

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