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First Ultra Program

Doing your first Ultra Marathon can be both exhilarating and daunting.

Faultline Coaching

Join the Faultline training group.

Welcome to TrailAthlete, the ultimate destination for all things trail running. Our team of experienced coaches is committed to helping you achieve your goals and reach your full potential as a runner. Whether you are training for your first trail race or are a seasoned veteran, we offer a comprehensive approach that encompasses all aspects of trail running, from technique and endurance to injury prevention and recovery. With our supportive community and responsive feedback, you'll have everything you need to succeed.

Our Coaches.

Originally form South Africa, Hardus started Trail Athlete in 2019. He is a data driven, analytical coach that focusses on strong relationships with his clients.

Hardus de Bruyn


​David joined TrailAthlete in 2021. He is a full time emergency department doctor currently in the Wellington Region. He originally came over to Aotearoa in 2016 from Scotland.

David Haunschmidt


Katie, originally from the UK, joined Trail Athlete in 2023. She is a full time General Practitioner in Queenstown and is a intuitive coach with a lot of knowledge on extremely long distances.

Katie Wright


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Be a part.

Established with a mission to help passionate runners achieve their goals, TrailAthlete has become the go-to destination for runners of all abilities to improve their athletic performance. Our community is made up of runners who share a common love for the sport and value the importance of progress and achievement. Whether you are just starting or want to improve your skills, we have the expertise to guide you every step of the way. Through our club, training group and individual coaching programs, we have everything you need to take your running to the next level.

Athlete stories.

Felicity Brown

I am so grateful to have the support of Hardus with my running. He has been an outstanding addition to me with my ultramarathon journey. Hardus provided structured and easy to follow running plans which have beyond prepared me for both my races in 2023. Hardus has also comprehensive support via message and video links. I cannot recommend Trail Athlete enough to anyone wanting to achieve their trail goals (no matter the level of ambition).

Athlete stories.

Mervyn von Gompel

I love working with Hardus! His approach to ultrarunning makes completely sense to me in that it focuses on making you a stronger athlete overall, before focusing on race specifics. The feedback loop is also really short so any changes to the schedule can be made quickly. I also enjoy how much he loves coaching and explaining the “what” and “why” of certain workouts. I’m looking forward to see where our collaboration will lead! So much value for a very, very reasonable price.

Athlete stories.

Frieda de Bruyn

The coaches took into consideration my level of fitness and lifestyle to develop a training plan to help me reach my goals. I'm not a pro runner by any means, but the regular virtual check-ins and care my coach had, made me feel like my humble goal was important. They are passionate about what they do and made me feel comfortable in my training journey.

Athlete stories.

Aaron Campbell

I used to ask myself why people bother with a coach to run and think surely you just run as much as you can and you'll be awesome. Well, I was most certainly wrong!
Since signing on with TrailAthlete I have really enjoyed having a structured program that is solely for me, having speed sessions, chill runs and the all important return to running from covid recovery plan, which has been extremely helpful.
Having structured programs each week motivates me to get stuck in and really be my best me, plus the TrailAthlete team are extremely engaging and keep in regular contact which gives me confidence in the team and their ability to make the athletes great 👍

Athlete stories.

Mark Drew

Hardus takes all the guess work out of your training blocks. I don’t want to be drilling into too much detail about training plans, the why and when etc. Hardus delivers this to me to suit my family,work and race requirements. I LOVE the quick messages he leaves on WhatsApp….just to let you know he has your back. My running has genuinely improved -in performance and enjoyment-since starting with TrailAthlete.
Thank you


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